Trailer financing

Our financing services are offered to help businesses and clients to find the best payment option they need.

The Gator difference.

Remorque Gator gives its customers an advisory service on trailer financing for businesses or clients.

Trust our financing director and her financing team to inform you or your enterprise about the different banking strategies available. It is our pleasure to advise you so that your choice is rational and accessible.

What are the steps to follow when it comes to finance a trailer?

1. Contact a sales consultant at 1 855-344-2867;
2. Select the trailer that suits your needs;
3. Let us redirect you to the financing department to know the options offered;

Your enterprise

need more equipment?

Some of our rolling stock financing solutions, such as leasing, provide our customers with the following benefits:

  • Possibility of significant tax deductions;
  • Rapid assessment and analysis of the file;
  • Streamlined processes;
  • Line of credit protection;
  • Preservation of capital;
  • Professional and prompt support and follow-up;

About Financial Leasing

Leasing is a proven financing solution that allows a business to quickly and easily acquire equipment and use it to keep the business going or growing.

Please be aware that the CFO or members of her team will not provide you with any information about financing rates without you having entered into a purchasing process with an advisor. The information related to your credit file or your business is essential to allow our team to give you fair indications on the terms of payment or more details.

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