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To be part of the Remorque Gator team is first and foremost to work for a family business that has made its mark as a visionary and a humane employer over the years. It also means taking part in the growth of a Quebec-based company, in a dynamic environment where the ideas and happiness of each individual are taken into consideration.


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Since its first steps in the trailer industry, Remorque Gator has been able to distinguish itself by actively listening to consumers' needs and by its ability to quickly adapt to the market.

With the help of an ingenious and forward-thinking management team, the company's name is now circulating throughout the province and its renown is growing year after year.


At Remorque Gator, teamwork, mutual help and fraternity are the order of the day. To be part of the Remorque Gator team is to join a large Quebec family of enthusiasts with a common goal: to continue to make the company a Quebec flagship whose products are used everywhere on our roads.

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Other opportunities are available on our French career page.

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