Making roadways safer one trailer at a time


We’re gearing up for the fifth annual national Trailer Safety Week to be held June 5-11, 2022! By participating in this safety campaign, we hope to improve the safety of Quebec roadways by raising trailer safety awareness through education of end-users, dealers, and manufacturers on safe trailering practices.

Purpose of National Trailer Safety Week

The goal is to close the communication gap between trailer manufacturers and end-users to make towing safer.

Safe trailering practices save lives, and with millions of trailers—used by businesses, local governments, and individuals—traversing the nation’s roadways every day, it is crucial to ensure that trailers are being towed safely for the sake of everyone on the roads.

Trailer manufacturers offer essential safety features

According to the US National Association of Trailer Manufacturers,End-users are vastly undereducated on the proper use of trailers; they recognize that they would not purchase a car without seat belts but do not understand that purchasing a trailer without key safety features can be just as dangerous.

It’s crucial to utilize the connections that dealers and manufacturers have with consumers to increase safety and awareness.

Learn more about National Trailer Safety Week

From driving tips to trailer maintenance and components, the Trailer Safety Week website provides end-users with need-to-know information regarding trailer safety in an easy-to-understand format.

Join the hundreds of companies, associations, and law enforcement groups already celebrating Trailer Safety Week.

Whether you’re a dealer or manufacturer, pointing end-users to the information on is an easy way to help improve our nation’s roadways and show your company’s commitment to safety.

Don’t delay, join this trailer safety movement that’s taken the nation by storm.

Remorque Gator named Traler Safety Week Champion

The energy and resources invested by Remorque Gator in promoting trailer safety have been noticed by the organizers of the Trailer safety week.

The quality of the resources developed by our marketing and communications team has earned Remorque Gator the coveted title of Trailer Safety Week Champion.

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